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Family Office

Our aim is to make your life easier by unburdening you of the day to day administration of your family’s business.

We do this by becoming your administrators. We help you identify the best advice and have it delivered to you so that you can make informed decisions based on solid recommendations.

We do this to maximise your wealth and minimise your annual tax burden.

We deliver regular reports in a simple "tailor-made for you” format that we write in language you understand.

We do not derive any form of commission. We only sell time.

We provide advice and a common sense approach to your business.

We assist in planning for the ongoing security of private wealth through generations. We have a view that if your family's total income tax rate is anywhere above 20% of your total income you are paying vastly too much tax.

Tax is not to be avoided but it can be minimised and / or deferred.

Income taxes deferred are taxes saved.