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Founded in 1985, Goodman & Co. is a highly respected Advice Practice dealing with complex corporate and tax issues. Our client base is mostly by referral.

We specialise in creating long-term outcomes that will maximise retention of profit and minimise tax through the business cycle and capital gains tax. We help you to define and realise your long-term wealth goals.

We find most clients are overwhelmed with advice which is mostly driven by set up costs and give poor and expensive medium to long-term financial and tax consequences. When starting a business, using yourself, a partnership or a company are usually the most expensive strategies in the long-term.

Many advisers lack the long term corporate and tax expertise to assist clients to look forward and create wealth using middle to long-term corporate structures. Advisers are often fixated with short term GST, payroll tax and income tax issues that can be easily managed.

The Practice is known for its successful implementation, problem solving and ongoing maintenance of businesses, covering:

  • Small to medium enterprises (SMEs)
  • Business advice and taxation
  • Family office
  • Financial management for companies, trusts, partnerships and individuals; and
  • Pre and post purchase, ongoing and future sale strategies.

The Practice works throughout the year with you to plan and manage tax situations as they occur.