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Goodman & Co. is a highly respected Corporate and Taxation Advice Practice dealing with complex issues. The Practice is known for its successful implementation, problem solving and ongoing maintenance of businesses. It has a reputation for efficient and effective creation of structures and policies that assist Businesses and Families to create wealth through their management of cash flow, taxation liabilities (corporate, family and personal) and profit distribution to stakeholders.

It has particular expertise in the protection and maintenance of business and family wealth and pre-planning for sale of businesses and the minimisation of taxation resulting therefrom. The Practice is very focused in helping and advising on:

  • Small to Medium Enterprises
  • Business Advice and Taxation
  • Family office, and
  • Financial management for companies, trusts, partnerships and individuals.

The Practice has been invited to participate in submissions to the Federal Government in the formulation of tax policy.

Founded by David Goodman in 1985 as a boutique proactive practice Goodman & Co. sets up Family Offices for high net wealth individual and families which includes the development of corporate structures, tax strategies and the implementation and maintenance surrounding Family Wealth. The Practice has been instrumental in developing and implementing bespoke Constitutions, Shareholder Agreements, Partnership Agreements, Memorandums of Wishes and Wills.

We start with a meeting with you to spend the time to establish your long term goals and objectives. We believe that this time spent by us is critical to understanding your goals and aspirations. We consider the entire family so that the wealth is protected and that losses occurring from litigation involving Family Law and other legal issues are minimised.

We seek to implement your wishes both in the short and long term. We aim to keep family wealth intact through generations or set up structures that distribute that wealth on death of the founders with minimum tax consequences to the family and other beneficiaries.

Our goal is to assist you, your business and your family to create wealth in the long term and preserve it for generations or set it up to maximise the after tax consideration on the ultimate sale.

The Practice works throughout the year with you to plan and manage tax situations as they occur.