Corporate Mentoring

Identifying and understand ongoing key business issues such as:

  • Break even points
  • Cash flow management
  • Marketing
  • Strategic dividend policy
  • Change management

Virtual CFO

Assist you to manage accounting functions and fluctuations in:

  • Break even analysis
  • Gross profit percentages
  • Expense management
  • Stock management
  • Ongoing tax obligations

Corporate Clients

We advise on set up and sale of business, while protecting core assets and minimising ongoing personal and corporate taxes:

  • Streamline annual profit

  • Future capital sales
  • Maximising Capital Returns

  • Business valuation
  • Conduct due diligence 

Forensic Accounting

Assisting you and your lawyers in identifying and valuing assets:

  • Assist in financial disputes
  • Identify the loss
  • Assessing financial consequences
  • Calculate loss

Family Office

Fee for service advice, to make your life easier:

  • Identify the best advice
  • Maximise your wealth
  • Minimise your tax burden
  • Tailor made reports
  • Assist in future planning

Individual Clients

Advice for long-term retirement planning:

  • Minimising annual personal tax
  • Extinguishing personal debt
  • Funding education
  • Tax planning for wealth
  • Estate planning

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“David Goodman has excelled in resolving complex taxation and accounting matters over many years from my experience. David’s advice is both practical and prudent, which attributes greatly enhance day to day wealth management in beneficial manner.”

Alexander G. Todd, Head of Chambers, 7th Floor Windeyer Chambers

What we do

We help you

Minimise and/or defer part of your family’s current annual tax burden.

Create cash through tax planning.

Protect family wealth.

We do this through

Sound timely financial information.

Financial and tax planning on an ongoing basis throughout the year.

Setting realistic financial goals and assisting you through structures and advice to achieve desired outcomes.

We assist you in

Defining your goals.

Providing the foundations for increased after tax profit, increased available cash, increased wealth and increased success.

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Our highly experienced team are available to help you define your goals.

Providing personal, independent advice tailored to you

Most of our client base is through referrals. Founded in 1985 we pride ourselves in providing sound financial advice for the long-term.

Problem solving
Defining your goals
Personal debt extinction
Estate planning and management