Founded in 1985

Goodman & Co. is a highly respected Advice Practice dealing with complex personal, family, corporate and tax issues. Our client base is mostly by referral.

We specialise in creating long-term tax smart outcomes that will:

  • maximise retention of profit;
  • minimising ongoing personal and corporate income taxes and free up cash; and
  • minimise capital gains tax when the business is sold.

We help you to define and realise your long-term goals.

We find most clients are restrained by previous advice, which is driven by lawyers and accountants in the set up. The initial structure, usually creates poor and expensive long-term outcomes and does not provide protection of assets to the corporate entity or the family.

When starting a business, using yourself, a partnership or a company are usually the most expensive strategies in the long-term.

Many advisers lack the long term corporate and tax expertise to assist clients to look forward and create wealth using middle to long-term corporate structures.

In the main other advisers are fixated with short-term GST, payroll tax and income tax issues that can be better managed, without causing issues in the longer term and creating ongoing tax issues. Estate and succession planning seems never to be considered by the initial or subsequent advisers. Our advice seeks to correct the past and provide a platform to minimise and defer taxes while protecting business and family assets.

The Practice works throughout the year with you and / or your business to plan and manage tax payments, cash flow, dividend payment and other situations as they occur.

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“David and his team at Goodman & Co. offer friendly and regular inspiration for a small but sophisticated client.”

Tony Hartnell

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Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants
Fellow of the Tax Institute of Australia
Certified Public Accountant
Chartered Tax Adviser

Rugby Union, Australian Rules, Sailing, Driving and a passionate love of Tennis.


Business Manager
Australian Tax Institute
Member of the Institute of Public Accountants
Member of the Association of Financial Advisers

Family, Sport, Movies and Musical Theatre.


Practice Manager

Spending quality time with Family, Football and all things Summer.


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